Dr. Mattie Tops

MattieMattie Tops studied Cognitive Psychology in Nijmegen. Investigating effects of cortisol administration, he obtained his PhD in 2004 inGroningen at the Psychiatry department in collaboration with the Experimental Psychology group. In 2006 he worked with Don M. Tucker and Phan Luu at the University of Oregon on neurobiological mechanisms of temperament and psychopathology. Next, he became assistant professor at the Child and Family Center of the University of Leiden. There, he started a line of research on intranasal application and measurement of oxytocin in ERP and fMRI studies. In 2007 he obtained a Veni grant.

In July 2012 he started as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Clinical Psychology of the VU University Amsterdam. His research centers on the topic of embodied emotion regulation.

You may contact him at m.tops@vu.nl