Dr. Suzanne Dikker

Dr. Suzanne Dikker (PhD. 2010, New York University) is a pioneering researcher in ‘real world neuroscience’. Her work has been supported by NWO (VENI grant, 2013), the Netherlands Creative Industries Fund (Stimuleringsfonds), and Stichting Niemeijer Fonds. She has won the NLI Award for Breakthrough Research in 2018 and the FENS Art of Neuroscience Award in 2016. Suzanne’s expertise integrates the cognitive neuroscience of language, neuroimaging, neurofeedback, and interpersonal neuroscience, which she has studied in real-world settings from classrooms to museums. Suzanne is senior staff member of the NWO Open Competition project ‘The Rhythm of Relating”.

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- Email: sdikker at gmail dot com