NWO Grant for Replication Studies

Wooded forest trees backlit by golden sunlight before sunset wit

Dr. Karin Tanja-Dijkstra is awarded a grant from NWO for a replication project. She will replicate the influential research of Ulrich, Simons, Losito, Fiorito, Miles and Zelson (1991) into the stress-reducing effects of staying in a natural environment for people, which is the largest experiment ever carried out in the field of environmental psychology.

Over the grant: For the first time, NWO is funding nine projects from the health and social sciences that replicate research from others. It concerns research performed in the past that has been the basis for subsequent research or that has assumed an important place in education, policy forming or public debate. NWO wants to replicate such ‘cornerstone research’ in order to contribute to increased transparency in research and the quality of reporting of research results. With the awarding of these projects, NWO is also setting an international precedent.

The original news is published on the NWO website.

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